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Bosscal Mezcal

Recommend served with Lime Juice On the Rocks

This peculiar spirit from the Durango region of Mexico has a lot going for it. Infused with Damiana, a herb that grows among the agave that makes up the spirit. The herb itself has a chamomile profile with spice notes to excite the senses. Traditionally it was used as an aphrodisiac… The Falcon abides tradition 😉


San Felippe Sipper

Shoot Your Shot Amigo!
Blow em’ all away with a round of these ripper sippers!
Uno, Dos, Tres Shots. Salsa Rojas reduction, Batanga blanco tequila & Verdita. 


Bondar Violet Hour 22′ Shiraz

The name ‘Violet Hour’ refers to the fading light owners Andre Bondar and Selina Kelly saw on the horizon as they picked the last bunches of Shiraz for their first-ever release, the 2012 edition of this wine. A violet sky, a beautiful wine, and a new future ahead for the couple and their vines.

The Violet Hour tastes as stylish as it looks, it hits that sweet spot for all red wine lovers – a combination of elegance and power.

You get the lively, bright blue fruits of the sandy soils of Blewitt Springs with the power and structure of the Seaview terroir. It’s a winning combination. The quality of the Shiraz speaks for itself.

Put simply, if you like McLaren Vale Shiraz with a fresh face – this is a must-buy.



 An Old Fashion riff that’s a fantastic display of Japanese whisky & attention to craft.
We’ve used a blended malt whisky, Daimyo No Shinobu, stirred it down with a house made ginger & lemongrass syrup. Dashes of lemon bitters drive through the bright characters of this master blend. 


Reckless & Stomp The Yard Hoppy Tops

Two titans of the brewing game have come together to create something both light & punchy. Think classic German Raddler. A real citrus punch to a smashable bev. Here they’ve created a beer with a tropical IPA profile awash with a zesty lemon quench.